Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Box of Hugs

My girl Helen thought of an adorable idea for presents...a box of hugs!  With a 10x10 square of felt, some embroidery floss and a little love you can make them too.  These will be perfect for the grandparents AND it was such a fun craft for my little one.  She put a bit of joy in each one and they look so cute under the tree.  Helen put hers in a box but I couldn't bring myself to venture out in this freezing weather so we used plastic treat bags.  Thank you  Helen and Curly Birds!

1 comment:

Curly Birds said...

Yea - I love the colors you used and they turned out so nicely.

I do love that pink Christmas tree, by the way. It would look FABULOUS in our front room

Happy Christmas! xx